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Since 1996 ten to twelve year old boys and girls, came to Cooperstown Dreams Park, in Cooperstown New York, to play in the most celebrated baseball town in history. They play the National Invitational Tournament and are inducted into the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame to honor their baseball achievements. Just like the major league players they get a ring and are then made Cooperstown Dreams Park Little Majors.

The Dreams Park gives young boys the feeling that they are in the major’s and will certainly be a lifelong memory for them. Their photo is placed on the Commemorative Induction Plaque and placed on the walls of the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame. They can visit the park with their sons, daughters and grandchildren and always remain a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Dreams Park curator and staff are collecting home run and no-hitter balls, uniforms, banners, hats, bats, and all other important pieces that tell the story of Cooperstown Dreams Park. In the near future Dreams Park alums will be able to return to Cooperstown to see themselves and their teammates immortalized on the walls of the museum gallery.

Brian Smith, President of the Beaver Valley Baseball Club said, “…because of Cooperstown Dream Park, my club has grown to heights that I can not believe. Next year we are sending two twelve year old teams, and a ten year old team to your park. Our club has become known as the elite club in Pennsylvania, and we owe this to your great establishment…”

Patricia Myers, President Ambler Youth Association commented, “We all looked at each other with tears in our eyes knowing what we had just accomplished and had the best group hug that I ever experienced. That’s what it is all about. Your dream has impacted the lives of many and for that, you should be very proud. We look forward to next year.”

Summarized from the Dreams Park Website: The mission of the Cooperstown Dreams Park is to provide a cultural and life enriching experience for young boys and girls who love the game. They visit the Village of Cooperstown and play in the legendary home of baseball. They meet and play against their peers from around the country and the world. They reach within themselves to fulfill their ultimate dream. Visit the Cooperstown Dreams Park WebsiteView Map of Hotels Near Dreams Park

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