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We recently reviewed lodging in the Cooperstown area. We took an average review of all that had more than five reviews in the most popular review sites. We also looked at the Great to Bad Ratio and the total percentage of bad reviews and cane up with a few clear winners and some not so much. See the notes for definitions of Great, Good, Bad and Low. AND THE WINNER IS. . .

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 . . .  Rose & Thistle Bed & Breakfast had the highest review average, the most consistent reviews combined with no complaints.


Rose & Thistle Bed & Breakfast Average*: 5 (Excellent!)
Great to Bad Ratio**: Zero Bad:1 (Excellent!)
Total Bad: 0% (Excellent!)

The Inn at Cooperstown Average*: 4.7 (Excellent)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 15:1 (Excellent!)
Total Bad: 6% (Excellent)

Otesega Average*: 3.7 (Good)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 2:1 (Very Good)
Total Bad: 14% (Good)

Mohican Motel Average*: 3.8 (Good)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 2:1 (Very Good)
Total Bad: 25% (High)

Cooper Inn Average*: 3.6 (Good)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 3:1 (Very Good)
Total Bad: 25% (High)

Lake View Motel Average*: 3.3 (Good)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 2:1 (Very Good)
Total Bad: 29% (High)

Lake Front Motel Average*: 3.2 (Good)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 1:1 (Very Good)
Total Bad: 45% (High)

Lake N Pines Motel Average*: 3.1 (Good)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 3:1 (Good)
Total Bad: 20% (Good)

Best Western Inn and Suites at the Commons*: 2.7 (Low)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 1:1 (Good)
Total Bad: 41% (High)

Tunnicliff Inn Average*: 2.2 (Low)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 9:7 (Good)
Total Bad: 41% (High)

T.J.’s Place Average*: 2.1 (Low)
Great to Bad Ratio**: 1:2 (Low)
Total Bad: 63% (High)

* Averages are of the most recent ten reviews.
** Great to Bad Ratio gives the ratio of five and four reviews versus the one and two reviews. If the ratio is more than one to one that is considered Very Good. This takes into account that on average the mad people will be more likely to complain than the happy people are to say the hotel was nice, but not by much more than a 1 to 1 ratio since many of the five reviews are owners and friends of owners, while many of the 1 reviews are competitors and friends of such. If as many people give great reviews over those who gave negative reviews, then the score is Good to Very Good.


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