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Gourmet Food BasketsA recent post in the Daily Star is from a local former State Assemblyman representing Otsego County from the Republican Convention. When the debate comes to blows about who makes the best cheese with the Wisconsin delegates, the Fly Creek Cider Mill seems to have a worthy representative in Minneapolis on their side.

From the Article: “The New York delegation is headquartered at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Also at this hotel is the Wisconsin delegation. It is always interesting to share thoughts and ideas with delegates from other parts of the country. For the most part, we seem to agree on nearly every issue, but I suspect we may have a pretty heated debate on which state produces the best cheese.

For my part, I’ll put up some cave-aged cheddar from the Fly Creek Cider Mill against their product any day.

The convention was convened Monday afternoon as required by party rules, but the mood was quite subdued. After routine business of electing officers, adopting convention rules and approving the platform, the delegates did get to hear remarks by first lady Laura Bush and Cindy McCain.”

Casale, of Cooperstown, is a former state assemblyman representing Otsego County. Read the Full Article

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